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The MamaLash Adhesive No. 3 adhesive is a tried and true adhesive which is ideal for those who have been in the game for a while, but appreciate an extra second to ensure a precise bond. 

Suitable for beginners, right through to masters in this profession, Version No. 2 is a high viscosity adhesive with a 1- 2 second cure time, which makes it absolute ideal for those who require a fast adhesive when applying russian volume, and want time to ensure each fan hugs the natural lash perfectly. 

The high viscosity allows for easy, visible wrapping and superior bonding. 

Best used exclusively at the base of the natural lash. 



At MamaLash, we stock the best adhesive on the market. 

After trying multiple formulas from around the globe, we bring you our exclusive formula exported from the USA.

Completely new from anything you have ever experienced, our no-shake formulas come perfectly mixed, without you ever having to strain your wrist. 

Even the bottles are a revelation - our nozzles are shorter and do not require peircing to ensure no air will be trapped within them, and the bottle density has a significantly smaller size compared to what is produced by other factories.

Both these factors combined ensure a stable adhesive and long adhesive life - right down to the very last drop of our 5ml bottles. 

Every single adhesive we produce has the same outstanding retention - you won't find that the slower formulas are compromised on their results or hold based on how fast they cure. 

The results across the entire range are outstanding. 


MamaLash Adhesive Formula 3

  • Ethylciano Acrylates, Acrylic Polymer, FDA approved Carbon Black