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With only four ingredients, these gel pads are ideal for clients who are sensitive to the standard gel pads. 

Our gel pad features the latest gel pad design - following the tried and true banana model, but allowing for a V shaped cut in the inner corner, allowing for easier placement on deeper eye shapes. 

- Water is the main ingredient in these gel pads, to allow for a firm bond between the skin and the pad.  

- The second ingredient is glycerol, which promotes hydration, boosting the elasticity of the skin.

- Aloe vera is also included in these pads, which is a well known natural miracle for all skin types - aiding sunburn, eczema, and acne, as well as being easily absorbed hydration. 

- Vitamin C is the final ingredient in these pads, which acts as a natural preservative, as well increasing the brightness of your clients skin and improving overall skin tone and texture. 

MamaLash Gel Pads x 10